Should you still be using Hotmail if you’re an user?

For years, Hotmail has been a household name in the world of email – it was one of the first big-name online services to be offered for free, and it was also one of the first to introduce filters. But as continues to gain popularity, Hotmail is being phased out. In this article, we’ll explore what you should do if you’re still using Hotmail after the migration is complete. Microsoft is slowly phasing out Hotmail, the company’s email service, in favor of Now, many people are asking themselves whether they should switch to other services or not. Here are some thoughts about the issues surrounding your decision on whether to stay with Hotmail or try a new one. Microsoft’s recently updated their Hotmail service to, but is the new version worth it? Will it be easier to manage your emails at this point? This blog article compares and Hotmail side-by-side for you to decide for yourself!

Should you still be using Hotmail if you're an user?

How to find your email address

If you’re an user, it’s not too late to switch your email address from to, but you’ll need to make sure that you have your old inbox set up as a synchronization account first. If you’re an user and are still using your Hotmail address, you should make the switch to avoid potential email errors. You can find your hotmail email address by going to your profile on or clicking “Account information” on the top left of the home page. If you’re a user and you don’t want to give up that address, you can find it by going to the url and clicking “Find your account.” Many of us are still using as our email service account. The discontinuation of Hotmail and the rise of may have you wondering if your old email address is still available or not. While it’s no longer possible to sign up for an account without a Microsoft account, many people like to use their old Hotmail address with that account. To find out if your old email address is still working, just head over to the Settings option in and click on “Email” in the left-hand corner of the window. Click on “Find Email.” From there, enter your first name, last name, and country for starters; scroll down until you see “My accounts,” then click Microsoft is in the process of phasing out older versions of Hotmail and users have to migrate their account to either or a new Microsoft email service. If you still need your old email address, here are some ways you can find it:
1) If you use Outlook, type “hotmail” into the search bar on the right side and then click on “Find an email”
2) Type your name in the search bar and click on “Find an email”
3) Click on “All mail folders” under the Mail tab, then search for your old address If you use then it’s a good idea to keep your email address active in case you need to log in through the HotMail website.

Moving from old Hotmail to new

If you are using Hotmail then it’s time to switch over to There are numerous reasons why people should make this switch, such as newer design and security features. If you’re a newbie or an oldster who is just looking for a change, make sure to update your email address at Hotmail before moving from there to! With the recent shutdown of Hotmail, and with growing in popularity, many people are asking if they should still be using Hotmail Posta Accesso. While there are a few things to consider when switching from one email account to another, it is possible that you can get all your old mail in right away.

Tips for transitioning away from the service

If you’re still using Hotmail, you’ll need to migrate your account over to or delete it from your existing system. If you’ve migrated your account, sign-in with the new email account and remove the old one from the service list in your account settings.

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