How To Enable POP in Gmail: A Guide For Email Lovers

The POP protocol is a great way to keep your inbox organized and free from clutter. Unfortunately, the default setting for Gmail doesn’t allow you to use POP, but don’t worry- it’s easy to enable! In this blog post, I’ll show you how.

A Guide For Email Lovers

What is POP?

POP stands for Post Office Protocol and was originally developed to handle incoming mail on the desktop. POP is one of three email protocols (along with SMTP and IMAP) that are still in use today, although it’s not as common anymore. The idea behind POP is straightforward: if you’re reading your emails from a device other than the one they were sent from, POP downloads any new messages and deletes them off of the server.

Why use POP?

POP is great for people who want to keep their inbox organized and free from clutter. You can configure POP so that it downloads your emails on an app or webmail, but doesn’t store any messages locally- meaning you’ve got access to new emails when they arrive without having the worry of tons of old ones cluttering up your hard drive.

Is POP is safe?

POP has been around for a long time and it’s safe to use, as long as you’re not using an outdated or unsecured email account. If the sender knows that POP is enabled on your account, they’ll know if their message was delivered- this could be good or bad depending on how confidential the email is.

How to enable POP?

Now that you’ve learned a little about the benefits of using POP, it’s time to find out how to actually set up your Gmail account. Here are my guidelines for getting started:

  1. Make sure you’re on the latest version of Chrome or Firefox browser in order to use POP with Gmail
  2. Open Preferences and go to the section called “Mail, contacts and calendars”
  3. Select your Gmail account from the list of services you’re connected to (you may need a user name and password)
  4. Open the Advanced Settings tab
  5. Click on Outgoing Server: POP under SMTP server settings. Then click Save Changes at the bottom right corner.
  6. It’s time to open Gmail in a browser window. Once you’re logged into your account, navigate to the Settings tab and select “Accounts and Import.” Now click on Add POP Account and enter your email address as usual- but choose Other instead of IMAP for the type of connection. A warning will pop up saying that messages won’t be downloaded on your computer- this is normal because POP won’t download messages that were sent from the account you’re currently logged into.
  7. Now enter a name for your email address (you can use whatever you want) and click “Add Account.” The next step will ask you to create a password, so do just that and then open Gmail in a separate window.
  8. In Gmail, click on the drop-down menu in the top left corner and select Other under “Send mail as.” Select your email address from here to send emails with POP enabled
  9. Go back to the Settings tab of your other browser window (the one you use for work) and navigate down until you see SMTP server settings. In the “Outgoing Server” section, select POP from the drop-down menu and click on Save Changes at the bottom right corner of your screen

Why is email marketing better than social media marketing?

In 2020, the world is obsessed with social media marketing. Almost every business that wants to grow online is using social media marketing. However, there are few businesses that use email marketing. It doesn’t mean that Email Marketing is Dead. But it means that few businesses use Email Marketing for their business compared to Social Media Marketing.

According to our opinion, Every marketing is unique and best in their own way. However, all marketing has a slight edge over each other.

Today, we are going to discuss how email marketing is better than Social Media Marketing. This post may lead you to start Email marketing for your business.

Here is a list of reasons why Email Marketing is better than Social Media Marketing.

Email marketing better than social media marketing

  • 1. It’s more Personal & Effective:

Having a follower in social media doesn’t guarantee a customer. Your page may get lost in thousands of pages that he has followed. While, in the case of Email, if he has subscribed to your email or newsletter then he is most likely to check it as well.

Your social media post may never appear in his news feed however, with Email marketing he will get your “Gmail,” and the chances of you selling the product are much more.

  • 2. You can contact them directly:

Imagine building a social media account and making it successful with a huge amount of hard work and then one day that accounts get deleted by the platform for a silly reason. Imagine the whole social media platform gets banned in your country or gets deleted. What will you do then? You have lost all of your customers and you aren’t even responsible for it.

That’s why burning series app Email Marketing is effective here. You have their personal email addresses and you can approach them anytime. You also don’t have to compete to appear in their news feed; they are automatically going to see your emails in their inbox.

  • 3. No Algorithm:

As we have said multiple times in this post, that in social media you have to compete with thousands of pages to appear in your custom news feed. A post will appear in his feed but maybe ten posts may not appear in their feed. Your only hope will be if they visit your page, which is most unlikely to happen.

While in the case of Email, there is no algorithm. You are always going to appear in their inbox, You don’t have to compete with thousands of competitors just to appear in their inbox.

  • 4. ROI:

You can’t compete with the ROI of email marketing. It offers an amazingly high return on investment for any business. The ROI of email marketing is “a lot” higher than social media and paid search.


These are some of the reasons why email marketing is better than social media marketing. But you should understand that a smart marketer never compares two markets. They build their audience in all of them to get the maximum benefit for their business. You may find many businesses that get a list of emails for their email marketing with the help of social media marketing campaigns.